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Like always, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the people who stopped by our table!

:iconsweethugplz: :heart: :iconsweethugplz: :heart: :iconsweethugplz:

At our table, we met some familiar faces and some new ones. Many of them told us they have been coming to our table for years and I want to further our thanks for their support. Each and everyone of you guys are the best. Anime Iowa has been Skyfinder's home since 2009 and this year, I was able to meet up with my old buddies. A lot of things happened and we all changed but it felt like the good old days again. We're kind of spread out from each other so Anime Iowa is like our yearly get-together place. It was great to see them smiling and in flesh. Nothing beats a nice physical hug. ^^

Anime Iowa, the biggest event of my summer has come and gone and a new cycle of school/college life is about begin. Again, Anime Iowa was a blast (I can't believe that it is my 6th time coming here!) and the Dealer's Room was a freezer like always. Seriously! It is like negative 30 degrees or something! On the other hand, the weather outside was simply wonderful. Too bad I was in the Artist Alley all day hahaha. This year, I thought I was going to be okay with my Karisawa Erika Cosplay but it was futile. I was fine in the morning but after a while I was shivering and chattering my teeth. Next time, I should cosplay someone like Shino or Emmet or Ingo. Someone with a huge coat or I should just bring a blanket. pfft

As you may already know, my table partner :iconrandomremix: was not at Anime Iowa this year. She's actually enjoying her sweet time in Japan and eating and breathing more anime than any of us can handle. Hmm I wonder how many suit cases/boxes she'll be bringing home?


And this year, I was awarded with Best in Show for the Art Contest! (will post soon) Thank you so so so much! I remember the words that my old art teacher said at an art show, he jokingly said, "haha you are you going to be a one-hit wonder or do you have something else left in you?" I took those words to heart and I put my fullest effort in everything I do. I try to as least something new in every single piece and explore different ways to do things (that's my art is always so scattered- I don't really have a super set style yet) >u< So hahaha! I have lived up far beyond your words, oh art teacher!  and I will continue to do so till the day I die! I'm not done drawing yet!! hahahahahhaa

Also, does anyone know the winners for the AMV contest? One of my friends entered but she wasn't able to make it the panel so if anyone know anything about it, please tell me ><



 btw On the last day, I forgot my glasses and I only brought contacts for two days so I was practically blind on Sunday. I borrowed my mother's glasses from time to time but her percription is weaker than mine. I'm sorry if anyone tried to get my attention because I litterally can't see 5 feet in front of me without tripping on something. Walking around in the Dealer's Room without my glasses was kind of like swimming in kaleidoscope of anime.  




OHHHH OHH AND thank you a gazillion times for the DD! I woke up to check my account while knitting a scarf (yeah I like to do crafts in free time) and when I saw my messages, I nearly dropped like  half of my stitches. Thank you for all the lovely comments and I will work on my grammar skills (ahaha OTL) I love writing about Jacq (Jacques) and Eric so maybe you'll see more of them in the future! and I'm going to college so a new adventure awaits! wish me luck!


man, that's a lot of thanks.

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monkeivais Feb 10, 2014  New member Professional General Artist
nice job!!!!
AskAlbinoPrincess Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
i LOVE your avatar just saying 
Leaglem Jul 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Loving your art! Congrats on the DD! :iconravesplz:
Maximwolf Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
AH! I love your art! It's so cute and touching and awe! Please check out mine too, if you will! ^^
Its-Me-Bex Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I love your comics! <3
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